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Covering Political Events

Bernie Sanders rally Sunday March 13th at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio where many supports stood in the rain for two hours to get in the area. (Christina Paolucci, photographer).Bernie Sanders held a rally at the Schottenstein Center Sunday March 13th where thousands turned out and stood in the rain for hours waiting to get inside. As a photojournalist, I wanted to witness the dedicated supporters willing to do this and I was curious if there would be any confrontations, which was reported over the weekend at other rallies. The crowd was patient and in good spirits. There was one camera crew for Trump campaign interviewing Sanders supporters, which several spoke to them thoughtfully about the issues. This camera crew wearing Michigan yellow t-shirts on the scarlet and gray Ohio State campus did not seem to instigate any tension either.

The democratic process always fascinates me and standing line with everyone was way more interesting than hanging out in a press box to photograph the staging area of the event. This is not covering the news, but the media being manipulated by the organizers of an event so they can control the message. Once you are inside the event, it doesn’t really make for an interesting picture. It was better to capture the long wait when everyone became weary of the rain by not deterred to be inside at the rally. There is determination and hope for this election process.

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The Bourguignons20160312-1559-7

Production is under way for the documentary film, “The Bourguignons. It is a film, which explores the life and work of Erika and Paul-Henri Bourguignon. It is a fascinating story about Paul-Henri was born in Belgium in 1906, who was a painter, writer, journalist and skilled photographer. He met his wife Erika in Haiti in 1947, who was doing field work as an anthropologist. Erika Bourguignon born in Vienna in 1924, became a founding member of the Department of Anthropology at The Ohio State University. She became the first woman to chair a department in OSU’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. After Haiti, the couple settled in Columbus, Ohio in 1950 when Erika began her career at OSU. Paul-Henri died in 1988 and Erika in 2015.


Community Projects

One of the other projects we have worked on is a video for the 4-H program in Franklin County. 4-H is a great program for all youth whether living in the country or in the city. It is not just for farm kids. One of the highlights was the dog agility course and projects featured at the winter fair. Post-production is underway.



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