Experiencing Columbus – one neighborhood at a time

By Christina Paolucci Monday, June 5, 2017 0 No tags Permalink 0

The Short North

We are working on capture the essence of Columbus for a video we need to make for a client.  So several nights a week for the summer will be to check out each neighborhood, events and activities.  We started with the Short North Gallery hop.


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Fast Film School

Saturday April 8th Scott Spears and I creating a one day film workshop with 4H students. The morning lecture included methods on screenwriting, directing, budgeting a film, camera moves and editing tools. The students got hands on experience with producing a very short horror film where each student go to run camera, and the boom pole.  In the afternoon, while Spears editing the piece together, I gave a lecture on doing documentary projects from the one-minute day in the life video that can be in one day to doing the long-term project that can take up to an year to make.

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