sun pillar

Image double processed using layers in Photoshop.


Camera raw image using a Canon 60D.


Image processed in Lightroom only.

A sun pillar captured Tuesday morning January 27th through my living room window, mind you a bit filthy window. But the angle of the sunrise was better through the window than the front yard.  Sun pillars are rare to witness as it involves ice-crystals, cloud formation and the sun low on the horizon. In my experience when you see a sun pillar, you know it is cold outside. On this morning it was only nine degrees at sunrise. I wanted to capture the detail of the sun, which means not much shadow detail in the landscape.  Plus, you can see how blue the snow in low light appears. After importing to Lightroom, I did a quick process of the image, leaving some of the blue in the image.  Later when I had more time, I went back to use the double-process method in Photoshop which includes toning for the sky on one layer and toning the landscape on another layer.  This eliminated the blue hues of the image and made it more white balanced. My eye probably witnessed what you see in the third image after the double-process.  Though some may argue the limitations of the camera and ‘film’ appearance is their aesthetic style preference and prefer more blue hues in the second image than the reality of what the eye saw.

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