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Saturday April 8th Scott Spears and I creating a one day film workshop with 4H students. The morning lecture included methods on screenwriting, directing, budgeting a film, camera moves and editing tools. The students got hands on experience with producing a very short horror film where each student go to run camera, and the boom pole.  In the afternoon, while Spears editing the piece together, I gave a lecture on doing documentary projects from the one-minute day in the life video that can be in one day to doing the long-term project that can take up to an year to make.

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Last week I gave a presentation on using photography to tell your community story whether it was a portrait, a small photo package or creating slideshows. Many participants had great ideas for the organizations. We broke down ideas into identifying a story, choosing a format and delivery method.What I observed during the brainstorm session the topics were generally too broad. So we talked about  breaking down stories that could be done in a day, week, month or even a year.  Slideshows were the most popular concept in delivery.

Here is a PDF of the video presentation about engaging your community through video. video-presentation

How to tell your community story with multimedia

20130929-1446-20How to choose a multimedia format that is right for your organization or community.  Download this link to learn a general overview of using newsletters, websites, social media, photography and video to tell your story about civic engagement. United Way Multimedia Presentation


Speaking about how to multimedia projects for your neighborhood at the United Way of Central Ohio’s 2014 Neighborhood Best Practice Conference in Saturday October 11th.




Presenting a lecture on The Masters of Street Photography at OSU’s Urban Art Space Thursday October 30th.


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